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Heart health of women is an issue at the tip of the tongue of each should be, but for some reason not many people seem to talk about it. collected Unlike other women's issues were and awareness in relation to the heart does not seem too many people on the flags. It seems you can not go anywhere without a car with a breast cancer awareness pink ribbon magnet is attached, but where the magnets for heart problems.

One would think that would be tons of mothers about the health of the heart to affected women, especially given the fact that heart disease is the cause of death for American women today. I keep hearing how men die of heart attack, but more women than men die each year in the United States with cardiovascular disease. In addition, 23 percent of women die over 40 who have a heart attack within a year. Compared with 18 percent of men, it is difficult to understand why there is only one women's issue. Where are all specialties on Oprah? Where are the careers of priests?

Even more frightening, 64 percent of women who have a heart attack and die suddenly have no previous symptoms. It really is a silent killer, striking otherwise healthy people when they least expect it. In addition, after 40 years, the lifetime risk for cardiovascular disease more than 50 percent among women. The worst thing is that the diagnostic tests and procedures that are good for men is not as good in women. This is particularly true for the ECG test, also known as stress tests. In general, people should be aware of the cardiovascular health of women.


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