Earrings fashions


Hollywood has a way to promote fashion. If the display of the bare navel was limited in the decade from 1940, which came with a brilliant idea. They covered the navel with a jewel. The placement of jewelry in the navel was popularized by images of belly dancing time. The results began to believe the people that is a jewel of the Middle East in the umbilical part of the culture. It is not. It was invented by a clever Hollywood filmmakers to move with the ban, but the idea was a complete success, and no one complained. The idea was ridiculously high. You can imagine, until now the smug smile on the faces of the directors and costume designers of the time.

Like any good idea that comes from Hollywood, not to mention the placement of accessories in the umbilical and has evolved into belly button rings.Belly button rings today for the most part is a necessary accessory to many as the length of shirts and blouses on top and the low waistline. Many consider the belly bare, if it has nothing to do except the bare navel to navel ring found its way into popularity.

Navel rings come in many varieties like receptors fun, joy and care. Belly button rings may be intermittent, hanging, logos and images are designer craft a gem.Place the belly button rings require drilling. Each hole creates wounds and injuries to become infected. If you are in, while the umbilical accessories are needed, you must first know which materials to decorate are used to make the abdomen and the procedure to be not to the sensation.