Bridal Makeup


The wedding day is one of the most important moments in the life of a woman PM. This is the day when God finally confronted her friend, my dear. In essence, this day that the bride, especially the attention of the administrators. Therefore we need to put your best face. In this way, some brides prefer to have professional hair and make-up setting. On the other hand, most brides prefer to do on your own eyes. It is a great way to save money and let him show their best features with its own capabilities. However, if the mixing and matching colors is not right place, it can happen to your visit to a disaster to make. This can free make-up tips to help girlfriend.

Free advice bride equally often divided into two parts: the base, make-up eye shadow, lip and highlights. Here are some guidelines in each case the area of ​​the face or concerns are taken into account.

This is the first stop on the base. The matrix is ​​the most critical and most important. It is advisable to have a better addition to your complexion. Choose a color closest to your actual skin tone is often recommended. Applying foundation with a sponge or brush evenly over the face. Then, from their mistakes. The use of a spell, imperfections or the sealing rings. AA A complexion, concealer a shade lighter recommended. You can also mineral foundation and concealer base. This special shape minimizes the appearance of oily skin during the entire event. complete blockade of the base of the foundation on the neck, jaw lines and ears.

The next step in the cheeks. To apply the bride a beautiful gloss, blush. The natural colors in search of pink and peach pink are usually preferred. When applying blush, the apples of the cheeks begin. A simple smile can help to identify OSA cheek apples. Move on the face, temple administration officials until well combined. If there is too much rouge, with a clean sponge make-up. Also keep in mind that you have oily skin, powder blush have recommended. On the other hand, a cream blush works best friends with dry skin.

For eye makeup, gently rubbing the eyelid with foundation can help eye make-up more. Even if the eyebrows of unwanted hair. When it comes to the impact poor areas, a light brown line help of the eye color. For eye shadow, makeup palette, you can use three colors that best compliments the color of your eyes. The soft color palette is used to highlight the brow bone, while the deepest color is applied in the eyes, the increase in the DA and the sound of half of the eyelids. For eyeliner, black tones are preferred because they are too heavy, brown eyes tend to make. For masks, impermeable objects, we recommend that most brides tears on your special day.


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